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                                         A b o u t   u s      P r e s s   R e l e a s e s     C o n t a c t   U s    P r i v a c y    P o l i c y                                    

FIMARK completes development and deployment of the My Wedding Planner wedding organizer and correspondence templates

FIMARK partners with CustomInk.com to feature web-based T-shirt designing along with Legendary Heritage Heirlooms custom T-shirts and Wearable Art 

FIMARK adds new Spectacular Event Planners to it's friend of the family award winning Family Reunion Planner.

FIMARK receives Familyreunion.com's friend of the family award for it's Family Reunion Planner resource and organizer templates suite.

FIMARK partners with Google.com's Adwords marketing system and deploys Home Grown Greeting Cards

FIMARK releases it's prepaid gift cards service with complete incentives and award systems. 

FIMARK deploys Home Grown Greeting Card featuring unique greeting card designs from the Legendary Heritage Heirlooms Studio 

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