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To begin your project click on the EVENTS button on the menu above and select an event (ie. FAMILY REUNION) and then choose a category from the submenu ( ie.POETRY ART).

Your clipart and scrapbook are is rendered in PNG format. What is a PNG file? 

Portable Network Graphic (.png). Unlike gif and jpeg graphic files that tend to degrade when maniplated and saved, png graphic files maintain color sharpness and clarity when manipulated and saved. 

PNG files are ideal for digital scrapbooking or embedding in electronic documents for viewing and printing.

How do I work with PNG files?

Clipart PNG files are a single graphics and can be inserted directly into your documents. Scrapbook PNG files are a compilation of graphics in one file. You will need to use a PNG compatible graphics 

How long will I have to wait to recieve my download order? 

Your download begins immediatly after purchase. Locate the link to the file for download on your digital purchase statement. 

How do I edit and print the greeting card template? 

1. Select the desired template and download.

2. Save the template file to the folder from which you will work.

3. Click on the template file. It will load in your default Word compatible document editor.

4. Once the file has loaded locate the floating text box. Add desired text, text color and style.

5. Notice the template page orientation(portrait or landscape).

6. Using heavy weight high quality printing paper, prepare the printer to print the template. 

NOTE: All templates print on paper size 8 1/2 X 11. Greeting cards print to half fold card stock. Invitations print to 1/4 fold card stock. For best results choose Avery compatible card stock.

Your software package contains several templates and letters.  Should I purchase the software package or just download items as needed? 

The software package contains 15 flyers and two greeting cards, some unique from those presented online. In addition the software provides tools essential to planning organizing and managing a moderate to large event.  If you are planning an event you would probably benifit greatly using the event planning software, otherwise just download the templates as needed.

Fimark Home Online allows users quick access to graphics and documents on an as needed basis. Users also have the option to use sophisticated tools when planning a large event of about 50 or more attendees. For these events the Event Planner is recommended.

When purchasing and downloading the event planning software users will have immediate access to most of the  documents, flyers and tools fimark offers online at no extra charge. Just use your key to access and download from the Fimark Home Online secure download site. Otherwise download the individual document or graphic as needed. 

Why should I purchase and use your product? 

Fimark Home aspires to inspire family unity and promote important family values. We hope that by using our resource this helps get the message out millions of Internet users. 

How do I access and preview the theme music list?

1. Locate the theme music link on the floral side bar(left)

2. Click on the audio preview link

3. Once the music list widget pops up select from the list to preview preselected songs.

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